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Preamble 1  -             IMPORTS AND EXPORTS (CONTROL) ACT 1947
Section 1  -             Short title, extent, commencement and duration
Section 2  -             Definitions
Section 3  -             Powers to prohibit or restrict imports and exports
Section 4  -             Continuation of existing orders
Section 4A  -             Fee for applications for and issue or renewal licences
Section 4B  -             Power to enter and inspect
Section 4C  -             Power to search
Section 4D  -             Power to seize imported goods or materials
Section 4E  -             Power to stop and seize conveyances
Section 4G  -             Confiscation
Section 4H  -             Confiscation of conveyance
Section 4I  -             Liability to penalty
Section 4J  -             Confiscation or penalty not to interfere with other punishments
Section 4K  -             Adjudication
Section 4L  -             Giving of opportunity to the owner of goods, etc
Section 4M  -             Appeal
Section 4N  -             Powers of revision of the Chief Controller
Section 4O  -             Power of adjudicating and other authorities
Section 4P  -             Continuance of proceedings in the event of death or insolvency
Section 5  -             Penalty
Section 5B  -             Correction of clerical or arithmetical mistakes
Section 6  -             Cognizance of offences
Section 7  -             SECTION SEVEN
Section 8  -             Power to make rules